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Fatehpur Sikri

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Fatehpur Sikri is one of the best-preserved marvels of Mughal architecture, which also served as the capital of the Mughal emperor Akbar’s capital for a few years of his reign. Fatehpur, just beyond the ruins, hosts a colourful crafts bazaar, while to the north of the main city, the small picturesque village Sikri is worth a round especially in the chilly weather of January in India.



Though this one remains a staple for most tourist circuits that cover the best of India, there is another reason it’s on the list this February. Taj Mahotsav that takes place between 18th and 27th of February, this time, is a 10-day celebration of art, crafts, cuisines, dance and music by the eastern gate of the wonder itself, Taj Mahal. discoveruttarpradesh


Vrindavan, an abode of one of the most loved Hindu deities, Krishna. The most popular celebrations that start about 40 days before the Indian festival of Holi, attracts quite the crowd from around the country and the world. In the temple cities of Vrindavan and Mathura, and especially in the ISKCON temples, the festival is celebrated not with colours, (as is the tradition) but with flower petals. The town is decorated beautifully and is lit up during the night, with every temple and house in the celebrations.


Though June is not specifically the best time to visit Varanasi, we urge you to visit this spiritual city in June for witnessing Ganga Dusshera. Varanasi is located on the banks of the Ganga and one of the best experiences Varanasi offers to travelers is the Ganga aarti. What better time of the year to visit Varanasi than the time Ganga is said to have descended to earth? And while here, don’t forget to go on a boat ride on the Ganga.
A tranquil retreat, Chitrakoot is an ideal holiday destination in Uttar Pradesh. Chitrakoot is also amongst the holy places of India. Legend has it that it was the abode of Lord Rama, his consort Sita and brother Lakshman for eleven years of their fourteen years of exile. Dotted with numerous temples and nature’s splendor, Chitrakoot is wrapped in peace and tranquility that is only disturbed by the sound of chirping birds and gushing streams.    


One of the oldest cities in India, historically significant and well known for it’s heritage, arts and culture, Lucknow is one of the most popular tourist cities in North India. Food, Architecture, Heritage, a ‘Nawabi’ old world charm or your shopping spree- there are one too many reasons to spend your winters in Lucknow. One of the most pleasant months to visit the city, the weather in December lets you enjoy the most of hopping form one market to another, Mughlai Cuisine or a heritage walk through its monuments. discoveruttarpradesh
It’s the important thing to know the park is open or not when you are going to safari and sightseeing in Dudhwa. So the best time to visit Dudhwa National Park is stuck between Nov. to May on an every calendar year. The Dudhwa Park remains open to the public on or after 15th November to 15th June on an every calendar year, though the months of May and June are a slightly too hot for ease. While visiting to Dudhwa National Park throughout winter you must remember to have some goods woolen clothes as these are very peaceful to you when you are in the park, mostly stuck between Decembers to Feb.    


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