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  • June 14, 2019



7th Uttar Pradesh  Mango-Festival

The UP-Mango festival, a true benison in the 21st century, a weekend full of tasting the delicious fresh juicy treats on a hot summer day whilst sitting under the cool shades of the humongous trees that bear them. In this fast-paced world, slowing down and tuning to the calm and serene rhythm of nature can be extremely stress relieving.

This festival was started 7 years ago by Awadh Growers Association led by Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah, where their main motto was to revive the rich mango traditions of Uttar Pradesh. This festival not only increased ecotourism agribusiness, it also provided means of livelihood for small farmers and self-groups by promoting their products and helping in its sale. It aims to make Lucknow “The Mango Capital” of the world. Jyotsna Kaur Habibullah expresses her gratitude towards the youngsters who play a very essential role by helping in organising the entire event along with the Awadh Mango Growers Association with Mandi Parishad, NABARD and Uttar Pradesh Tourism. The young team also helps in promoting the event through funky flash mobs and through social media campaigns. This year the food festival has been planned to be held from 23rd June to 6th July at Hotel Lebua. The overall event , however , started from 9th of June with the children’s summer camp July.


What’s happing this year?

It starts with a Mango Orchard’s visit in Village Saidanpur,Barabanki on Sunday,June 16th followed by a Mango Food Festival at Lebua Lucknow, Saraca Estate. This year the fest has been upgraded from a 3-day fiesta to a whole week of having fun and food. There are multiple contests and activities being held in the span of its duration. Ranging from Tonga rides to cooking contests to puppet shows and enjoying traditional pottery. This fest engages people of all age groups. This year the event is being introduced as a Food Festival which will see the likes of mango delicacies like Mango Pakoras, Biryani with Aam ki chutney, Aam ka Panna, Mango momos, Mango Salsa, Rolls with a Mango twist, Mango Kulfi, Golgappas with Aam flavoured paani and much more. The cooking contests being held will be judged by Culinary Experts of Ramada Hotel. The event will also be hosting Cultural Programs like Aam Ki Kahaani, Awaam ki Zubani and Zikr-e-Aam: Qissagoi and Shayari on Aam.


Mango Orchard’s visit:  16th June,2019 at Village Saidanpur,Barabanki (Uttar Pradesh).

When: 22nd & 23rd July,2019. 

Where: Indira Gandhi Pratishthan ,Lucknow.

What We Do

Discover Uttar Pradesh has actively been a part of U.P. mango festival since 2017 spreading awareness and is extremely well known for putting up its 3-D stalls where the guests could take pictures that seemed to come alive. Social media promotions done this way only added more zest to the whole ordeal.

All in all, this AAM festival isn’t very AAM and definitely a must visit and must attend grand event.


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  • Tatsma Dwivedi


    I worked in the Mango festival Last year And Heard about discover uttar pradesh. Your work was very much Appreciable. Keep it up.

    • discoveruttarpradesh


      Thank you for your appreciation…looking forward to see you this year !

  • Aaradhya Messi


    This is a great article about mangoes and its “fruitfulness”. I am looking forward to this function.

    • discoveruttarpradesh


      Great! See you at our 3D stall on 22nd – 23rd of june at indira gandhi Pratisthan Lucknow!

  • Harendra Sahani


    Who is the writter ?

    • discoveruttarpradesh


      blogger from our team Swarnim Dwivedi!

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